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‘Because of COVID19 all workplace door handles, handrails, tables and surfaces need to be regularly disinfected and deep-cleaned to protect my employees.’

‘I need a specialist cleaner who can professionally tackle a squalor clean’.

‘My uncle passed. He and my aunt were terrible hoarders’.

‘I need a large space decontaminating, as the police say it was a meth lab’.

‘I want to make a space inhabitable again but years of rubbish needs to be cleared by a professional cleaner’.

‘I need technicians who are trained in biohazard cleaning and removal’.

‘a property I own needs cleaning professionally, as there were hypodermic needles and drug paraphernalia, everywhere.’

Cleaning can be a serious business, which calls for professional knowhow.

COVID19, a virus so easily spread that it became a pandemic in a matter of months. But Coronavirus is not the only danger that needs the help of the Integral Cleaning Group.

Meth houses, drug manufacturing and use, result in a multitude of dangers, some visible, while others are undetectable at first glance. These high-risk sites have strict regulations that need to be followed. The same can be said of crime scenes, suicides or traumatic accidents.

The Integral Cleaning Group has comprehensive processes to clean, sanitise, and deodorise such spaces. Please check our service area to see our state wide coverage for specialist cleaning.

Also available is our traditional commercial cleaning services and Covid 19 exposure site cleaning.

Hoarder | Squalor | Deseased Estate | Rubbish Removal

Servicing the South East, Bass Coast and Gippsland, Integral play a vital role in helping our clients through challenging situations.

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Fully insured and with a team of qualified staff, Integral are up for every job.

Our number 1 priority is to provide a service that is caring and considerate to our clients needs.

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  • Professional and caring staff
  • Fully insured and expertly trained
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