Biohazard Cleaning Melbourne

Restoring your property after a significant biological impact or unfortunate event. 

Our biohazard team is highly-trained in biohazard remediation, sanitisation and infection control, dealing with substances such as blood, mould, faecal matter and chemicals following an event which has left a property or space significantly biologically impacted.

If your space has been affected by trauma, hoarding, mould, pest infestation, infection or disease, we can promptly and discretely restore the space back to normal making it safe and clean, habitable and free from biohazards.

Established in 2019, Integral Cleaning Group has rapidly grown its client base across Melbourne and interstate with the quality of our work, professionalism and personalised service.    

We are available as your ongoing contractor, for one-off biohazard cleaning and for emergency biohazard cleaning 24/7. Call Integral today on 1800 425 326

Biohazard cleaning services

Integral Cleaning Group offers specialised biohazard cleaning services for residential clients, businesses and agencies. Often these are unexpected, sensitive situations requiring high care, discretion and time sensitive cleanup. Our team is highly-experienced and trained to deal with a range of biohazard situations.

  • Crime scenes
  • Drug labs
  • Hoarding
  • Disability/mental health 
  • Suicide and deaths
  • Forensic investigation cleanups 
  • Trauma scenes
  • Squatters
  • Deceased estate
  • Infection control and microbial cleans
  • Methamphetamine lab cleanups
  • Sewerage leaks
  • Kitchen and bathroom decontamination
  • Tenant lease or termination

We are resourced with the appropriate gear and equipment to provide biohazard cleaning in spaces of all types and sizes including large spaces, smaller spaces and multi-story buildings. We carefully plan our approach and tailor our service to suit the substances we are dealing with, the nature of the contamination, the premises to be cleaned and requirements of the client. Specific timing for your biohazard cleaning can be arranged to suit you personally or your business operating hours.  

Residential biohazard cleaning

Attempting to restore a property on your own after a significant biological impact may take you weeks and there is no reassurance that all contaminants will be removed. This is sometimes due to using the wrong chemicals, misapplication or simply misjudging the size or complexity of the task, leaving risk that bio contaminant residue will remain and linger, potentially causing issues into the future. 

Professional residential biohazard cleaning incorporates stringent processes, specialised equipment, application methods and high-level training to correctly and effectively restore a home to a clean, sanitised state to the highest infection control standards.

Integral Cleaning Group provides biohazard cleaning for all domestic settings including houses, flats and apartments, units, townhouses, granny flats, home offices, cars, caravans and more. Indoor and outdoor spaces are included and we can work with your insurance company if required. We realise this can be a sensitive time for you and your family and we are adaptable to your requirements. 

Biohazard Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial biohazard cleaning

Integral Cleaning Group works with all sectors and industries including police and government agencies, tourism and hospitality, schools, aged care, commercial retail, real estate agents, homeowners and body corporate. In consultation with your team, we tailor your commercial biohazard cleaning service specific to the needs of your business or organisation and to the situation, based on the information you give to us. Each space is unique. 

We service the following site types and more:

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Offices and retail spaces
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Restaurants and cafes 
  • Supported Residential Services (SRS) 
  • Health care clinics
  • Beauty salons
  • Public venues
  • Residential aged care
  • Body corporate buildings
  • Drug rehabilitation centres
  • Outdoor public spaces
  • Biohazard-affected equipment

At Integral Cleaning we ensure high-level customer care and maintain positive relationships with our clients through good communication, flexibility and a high-quality service offering. Where possible, the same team members are allocated to the job each time, for consistency and security. Our regular clients have an allocated company representative who knows their business and its requirements and oversees their account. 

Emergency biohazard cleaning

Emergency biohazard cleaning is available in circumstances that are time sensitive such as instances where there is exposure to the public or conflict with operating hours for your business or essential service. 

Urgent timing can be accommodated at any time of the day or night, weekdays or weekends. Call us now on 1800 425 326 to get our team onsite as soon as possible. 

Rubbish Biohazard Cleaning


Biohazard events can be sudden and unexpected. They can also be a result of biological matter left exposed over time, subjecting the immediate and surrounding area to harmful microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi (yeast and mould) and parasites. Bioorganisms can be found within human/animal and plant matter and in the natural environment, including in: 

  • Blood and bodily fluids (e.g. saliva)
  • Body tissue
  • Urine and faeces contamination
  • Feral animal infestation
  • Decaying food 
  • Mould and black mould removal
  • Animal droppings and carcasses
  • Sharps and contaminated rubbish
  • COVID-19 exposure (see our COVID Cleaning Services) 
  • Fire and smoke damage

Our team has an acute understanding of the biological substances we deal with and their ability to travel and spread over surfaces such as walls, floors, fixtures and objects like furniture, equipment and machinery, carpets and blinds. Biological substances also change in structure when exposed to air, moisture, heat and cold and depending on the timeframe of exposure, require specific treatment.  

Professional biohazard cleaning company

Bioremediation work is performed in line with health and safety requirements, including the use of personal protective equipment and disposal of hazardous waste. Our professional biohazard cleaning team will undertake:

  • Hazard assessment
  • Structural remediation
  • Contents remediation 
  • Cleaning and disposal 

Our biohazard cleaning team is equipped with professional bioremediation products and equipment to carefully and completely decontaminate your space. 

  • Specialised bioremediation equipment 
  • Industrial-grade products 
  • Biohazard team with specialised training 
  • Process-driven and comprehensive
  • On time and efficient. No fuss.

Team members are trained in the correct product application techniques to protect and preserve surfaces. Our team is both efficient and thorough, with high attention to detail so that nothing is missed.

Professional cleaning reports can be provided to management (or authority) where requested.

Resourced and available now

We’re easy to deal with and well-resourced with a close-knit, carefully selected team (no outsourcing), a positive culture and internal training to our own high standards. We maintain our equipment, keep our products well-stocked and systems streamlined to serve you well when you need us most.

During these difficult, awkward and often sad times, our team knows that its important to be sensitive to others who may be around and work discreetly with care to be of least disturbance and without impact to the emotional wellbeing of others. 

Choose Integral for biohazard cleaning

Integral Cleaning Group is a trusted, reliable, established business. We are fully insured and all team members are background checked and police checked.

  • Streamlined process and correct techniques
  • Experienced
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Consistent and organised
  • Trustworthy and discreet

Your space will be restored from bio-matter contamination and free from debris and residue making it look, smell and feel like nothing happened, without a trace that it did. 

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