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Dirty Facilities are Wasting Your Time and Money.




A Home or a Business faces many cleaning problems. Here are 4.

I'm too tired to clean!

When I’ve been working all week, the last thing I want to do when I come home is clean! My lounge room gets dirty just watching my favourite shows. My bedroom and bathroom look like a bomb’s hit it. I need a cleaner to come in regularly to make my home feel liveable again.

Grubby office, miserable staff!

A lack of hygiene directly effects productivity. Sick days my staff take, go up when their workspace isn’t cleaned properly. An office keyboard carries up to 7,500 bacteria at any given time. I need a cleaner to deep clean my offices daily, to prevent the spread of infections and viruses.

How can I stay safe from Coronavirus?

COVID19 is really scary. We all unconsciously touch surfaces that seem clean but under a microscope, are not! Experts say, to protect ourselves from Coronavirus, we need to make our spaces as hygienic as possible. I need a cleaner who values keeping us safe from infection, above anything else.

I need a NDIS approved cleaner!

I’m entitled to hire a cleaner, through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) But not all cleaners are NDIS approved! They need to be trained in mental health, not judgemental and are trustworthy. Specialising in community access, meal preparation and de-clutter, as well as cleaning.

Takes cleaning problems away.

Maintaining a hygienic environment can be a chore. A clean and tidy space impacts on a family’s happiness. While at work it can attract clients and employees. The Integral Cleaning Group takes the worry of cleaning away. Experienced, experts in the field of cleaning. Leaving you to concentrate on your family or business.

Experience the Relief of a Consistently Clean Facility

Life looks very different after you’ve engaged the Integral Cleaning Group. So, does the space their experience and expertise has transformed. The burden of cleaning has been removed for the foreseeable future.

Reduce Your Frustrations

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t hear so many complaints about the cleanliness of your home or facilities.

Experience Clean, Healthy Spaces

Receive compliments from teammates and visitors about how clean your facilities or home are.

Successfully Hit Operational Targets

How much more could you accomplish if you didn’t have to manage your cleaning services provider?

Integral's Fundamentals of Professional Cleaning.


Trust Integral Cleaning to have the expertise and training to shine for you. Delivering a result beyond a client’s expectations.


Value Integral Cleaning to tackle your cleaning problems. So you or your employees don’t have to. Leaving time to concentrate on what really matters.


Effective Integral Cleaning impacts productivity, efficiency and happiness. It's our priority. A clean environment, home or at work, is a happy environment.


Bespoke Integral Cleaning because no two cleaning problems are the same. Let us customise our services to your home or workplace.


Contact Integral Cleaning to see how we can transform a space professionally. Benefitting you, your family, your staff and your business.

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No two spaces are the same.
Our professionals need to cast their expert eyes over a space, to know what’s needed to make it spotless.


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Dr Paul Finn
Dr Paul Finn
27. August, 2021.
I am writing to share how exceptionally clean and orderly our practice looked when I arrived at work early this morning. We have engaged Integral Cleaning Group twice a week and after only our second clean, the level of cleanliness is outstanding. They have been more than accommodating with organising early morning cleaning for us before our patients arrive. I have been liaising with Shanice who is highly competent, professional and super friendly. You won’t be disappointed with Integral Cleaning Group. Lucy Sims & Finn Chiropractic (Dandenong)
Scott Sunderland
Scott Sunderland
19. April, 2021.
I’ve had Tim and integral Multiple times and they are brilliant! They have done our vacate clean. Our regular clean. Never disappoints
Taffy Herdman
Taffy Herdman
19. April, 2021.
Hi I'm MD from Plusrite Australia and we use Integral Cleaning Group each week to clean our Officers and bathrooms, they do a fantastic job and would recommend them to anyone who wants real cleaning done, thanks again to Tim and his team, cheers Ross
Zoe Robarts
Zoe Robarts
18. April, 2021.
Best cleaning service and experience i have ever had. The cleaners are so nice and very fast, they take care of all of your belongings and always go above and beyond. The prices are very good compared to a lot of other cleaning companies that I have used before. 10/10 I will always reccomend this company.
Courtney Berry
Courtney Berry
11. April, 2021.
Amazing clean, and well priced. Recommend to all my friends and family!
Kaitlyn Rea
Kaitlyn Rea
11. April, 2021.
Really lovely people, made sure we checked over each room before they moved on, overall an amazing clean, will definitely be using them again :)

Veronica Lees-Amato recommends Integral

I finally hired a cleaner! I never thought that anyone could clean my house to my standards. I had to bite the bullet, as I was so busy with work and hated feeling I couldn’t cope with the cleaning myself. I booked the Integral Cleaning Group through Tim and I’m so glad I did! Shanice arrived and was amazing, professional and listened to what was important to me. My house is now always clean. My bathrooms, toilets and floors are cleaned fortnightly at a set price, which means I can budget. I feel my money is well spent with Integral. They bring value, flexibility and the wonderful feeling of coming home to a clean house. Leaving me more time to spend with my family after a hard day at work.

Thanks Tim and Shanice!

Veronica Lees-Amato
Self Emlpoyed Business Owner

Brett Frampton recommends Integral

Since January, I’ve found the Integral Cleaning Group to be an excellent and reliable cleaning service.  A number of my clients have even commented on how clean and fresh my offices are, since I’ve started using Integral. They text me the day before they clean, confirming the expected arrival of their team.  I’d have no hesitation in referring Integral to anyone who needs their offices or homes professionally cleaned.

Brett Frampton,
Frampton Wealth

Benjamin Sayers recommends Integral Cleaning Group.

Integral Cleaning is fantastic. All their staff are really approachable and do an awesome job. During COVID-19 we felt comfortable coming into our office every day, knowing it had been cleaned by Integral. The office was spotless.

Benjamin Sayers
Asset Finance Consultant
Energy Lend Pty Ltd

Jasmine Barnard recommends Integral

Professional, polite, prompt to respond and reliable.  Then to top it off, they’re great cleaners too!  Very happy with the consistently high quality cleans I have received from the team at Integral Cleaning Group.

Jasmine Barnard
Melbourne Muscle Medics

Imagine what will happen if your commercial cleaning services keep getting worse

Staff will keep getting sick, you’ll have more headaches from dealing with complaints about empty paper towel holders, and you won’t have time to take care of the tasks that really matter.

An unhygienic space at work or at home is easy to fall into. Clustering people together in a space, whether at home or in the workplace, can at best cause a mess. Or at worse, can lead to sickness. And nobody wants that.

How much is it worth to eliminate these janitorial service distresses?


Reduce Risk

Gain confidence in the safety and ongoing function of your facility assets.

Minimise Complaints

Stop dealing with complaints about a dirty facility and get your time back.

Maintain Facility Assets

A clean, safe facility keeps employees healthier and customers happier.